"Oil" in the 21st Century - AI Algorithm Power

Jun 1, 2022·

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Introduction: Algorithm power has accelerated scientific progress and economic development in the past half century, and has been deeply integrated into all aspects of human society. It is the common wealth of all mankind and the cornerstone of the future intelligent world. Facing 2030, Algorithm power will be more open and secure, and everyone and every organization can equally participate in the construction and innovation of the future algorithm power industry, and share the value created by algorithm power technology.

Ten years ago, Human beings entered the data age, and mobile Internet, cloud computing, and big data have just started; Today, these technologies have profoundly changed human society, and algorithm power has played an unprecedented role.

By 2030, mankind will usher in the era of data explosion. Compared with 2020, the general algorithm power will increase by 10 times, and the artificial intelligence algorithm power will increase by 500 times. The digital world and the physical world are seamlessly integrated, and humans and machines can realize two-way interaction of perception and emotion; artificial intelligence is omnipotent, helping humans to gain the ability to surpass themselves, becoming the microscope and telescope of scientists, allowing our cognition to transcend tiny quarks In the vast universe, thousands of industries will move from digitization to intelligence; Algorithm power and energy efficiency will continue to improve, moving towards zero-carbon algorithm power, helping humans use digital means to accelerate the realization of carbon neutrality.

In the next ten years, algorithm power will help human beings to enter the intelligent world. This is a magnificent and epic process, and it will open a new era with the same historical status as the era of great navigation, the era of industrial revolution, and the era of aerospace.

Macro trends


After half a century of development, algorithm power has been deeply integrated into human life and work. In the next 10 years, algorithm power, as the cornerstone of the intelligent world, will continue to promote social and economic development and scientific progress.

Facing 2030, China, the European Union, and the United States will all focus on algorithm power as a strategic direction. In China's 14th Five-Year Plan and the 2035 Vision Outline, high-end chips, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, blockchain, DNA storage, etc. are used to strengthen China's strategic scientific and technological forces; In the EU's《Digital Compass 2030: The Road to a Digital Decade in Europe》, it is planned that by 2030, 75% of EU companies will make full use of cloud computing, big data or artificial intelligence to build the EU's first quantum computer; The United States, on the other hand, once again proposed "Endless Frontiers" to promote American leading research in the fields of artificial intelligence, high-performance computing & semiconductors, quantum computing, data storage and data management technologies with the help of bills and appropriations.

In 2030, the digital world and the physical world will be seamlessly integrated. Humans and machines will realize two-way interaction of perception and emotion. Algorithm power will have the ability to simulate, enhance, and restore the physical world. Surreal experience will drive algorithm power to the edge, cloud and edge, Multi-dimensional collaborative computing between edge and edge, virtual and reality; artificial intelligence will move from perception to cognition, with the ability to create, more inclusive and endow all things with intelligence; the boundaries of scientific exploration will continue to expand, bringing about a rapid increase in algorithm power demand. In the future, there will be 100EFLOPS-level super algorithm power and a new paradigm of intelligent scientific research; carbon neutrality goals drive computing to go green, and will better match green energy and business experience in the future.

The semiconductor technology on which algorithm power depends is gradually approaching the physical limit, and algorithm power will usher in a golden decade of innovation. Innovations and breakthroughs in software, algorithms, architecture, and materials will open up a new era of intelligent, green, and secure computing. It is estimated that in 2030, global data will increase by 1 YB annually; general algorithm power will increase by 10 times to 3.3 ZFLOPS, and artificial intelligence algorithm power will increase by 500 times and exceed 100 ZFLOPS.

Future artificial intelligence application scenarios


Nowadays, driven by the development of algorithm power, artificial intelligence has been applied in many industries, and artificial intelligence can be seen in agriculture, communication, medical care, education, etc.:

1. The application of artificial intelligence in agriculture: A lot of artificial intelligence technology has been used in agriculture, pest identification, intelligent application of plant protection machinery, weeding, real-time monitoring of crop status, material procurement, data collection, irrigation, harvesting, sales, etc. Through the application of artificial intelligence equipment terminals, etc., the output of agriculture has been greatly improved, and many labor costs and time costs have been greatly reduced.

2. The application of artificial intelligence in the field of communication: Intelligent outbound call system, customer data processing (order management system), communication troubleshooting, virus interception, harassment information interception, etc.

3. The application of artificial intelligence in the medical field: Use advanced Internet of Things technology to realize the interaction between patients and medical personnel, medical institutions, and medical equipment, and gradually achieve informatization. Example: health monitoring (smart wearable device), intelligent medication system that automatically prompts medication time, contraindications, remaining medication, etc.

4. Application in social security: Security monitoring (real-time data networking, public security system can conduct real-time data investigation and analysis), telecommunication fraud data locking, criminal arrest, fire rescue (fire fighting, personnel rescue, special area operations), etc.

5. Application in the field of transportation: Route planning, driverless cars, speeding, irregular driving and other behavior rectification.

6. The application of artificial intelligence in the service industry: The catering industry (ordering food, delivering dishes, recycling tableware, cleaning), etc., inquiries, reservations, revisions, reminders, etc. of the booking system (hotels, train tickets, air tickets, etc.).

7. Application in the financial industry: Big data analysis of stocks and securities, industry trend analysis, investment risk estimation, etc.

8. The application of artificial intelligence in big data processing: Weather query, map navigation, data query, information promotion (recommendation engine is based on user behavior and attributes (data generated by user browsing behavior), through algorithm analysis and processing, active discovery User's current or potential needs, and actively push information to the user's browsing page), personal assistant (Siri), etc.

9. Artificial Intelligence and the Metaverse: The metaverse virtual world industry is growing rapidly. It’s only a matter of time before AI is more widely used in augmented and virtual reality to build smarter, immersive worlds. Since AI can parse large amounts of data at extremely high speeds, people can take advantage of this feature to create scalable and accurate virtual worlds using augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) combined with AI and blockchain.

10.Human-Machine Interface: Human-Machine Interface Artificial intelligence can also assist in the human-computer interaction experience. When a user wears a sophisticated, AI-enabled VR device, its sensors will be able to read and predict the user's bioelectrical signals and muscle movement patterns to know exactly how the user wants to move in the virtual world. Artificial intelligence could even help recreate real touch in VR. It can also help support voice navigation, allowing users to interact with virtual objects without using a manual controller.

With the integration and development of artificial intelligence and blockchain, cloud computing, 5G, Internet of Things and other technologies, the application degree in various fields in our daily life will be increasingly deepened. The practicability and application value of artificial intelligence have undergone significant changes.

Blockchain technology for human-machine co-governance

The decentralization, encryption, security, traceability and other characteristics of blockchain technology can be used to assist humans in governing the future of coexistence and co-prosperity between humans and machines. The mutual empowerment with artificial intelligence technology is not to bypass humans or To fully replace humans, on the contrary, it is to enable machines and humans to evolve games on the same time scale in the future cyberspace, laying the foundation for human-machine integration. Make AI smarter and more autonomous.

Digital assetization of algorithm power

It can be seen that in the 21st century, artificial intelligence is becoming a new production tool, algorithm power has become a new productivity, and data has become a new means of production.

In the past, the steam engine in the 18th century, the electricity in the 19th century, the computer in the 20th century, and the three industrial revolutions brought three productivity improvements.

But looking at it all, these three revolutions all have a common feature - steam, electricity, bandwidth, all evolved into the infrastructure of the time.

Infrastructure, "Inclusiveness" and "Popularity" are its main characteristics, that is to say, one must be cheap, and the other must be available to more people, such as electricity and gas. Then, with the integration of blockchain technology, the algorithm power of artificial intelligence is being digitalized as a general quantifiable service, which is circulated and bought and sold. This is a new trillion-dollar market outlook.


POWER DAO builds a stable and efficient algorithm power infrastructure through open, transparent and effective management of the "Vault" on the chain and through community proposal voting governance. Therefore, the "Vault" will serve the infrastructure of the entire digital ecosystem, making blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data, edge computing, Web3, Metaverse, etc. More convenient and faster to provide algorithm power support, and to serve the construction of social and economic civilization .

Governance method:Through POWER Miner (governance token: PM) on-chain voting governance and community collaboration, the threshold for algorithm power access is lowered;

Vault: Relying on public chains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, build a decentralized, secure and transparent algorithm power infrastructure to serve the sustainable development of the ecological economy;

Incentives: Driven by the will of the community, vote for incentives (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other assets).

POWER DAO is an open, easy-to-use, flexible and efficient general-purpose basic technology, which realizes the bridge between the physical world and the byte world - "Algorithm power", and uses "Algorithm power" as a value credit medium, thereby reshaping the algorithm power. credit and value. Based on the decentralized autonomous organization, the will of the community is the driving force, so that algorithm power can be freely selected, switched, combined, and focused freely, reducing the threshold for algorithm power to enter and exit.

Algorithm power has accelerated scientific progress and economic development in the past half century. With the accelerated integration of artificial intelligence with blockchain, big data, edge computing, and the Internet of Things, it has been deeply integrated into all aspects of human society. The common wealth of all mankind is also the cornerstone of the future intelligent world.

Facing 2030, Algorithm power will be more open and secure, and everyone and every organization can equally participate in the construction and innovation of the algorithm power industry in the future, and share the value created by algorithm power technology.

Let us work together to create a new era of algorithm power!